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Safe and Sound Protocol

The Safe and Sound Protocol, or SSP,  is a non-invasive application of Polyvagal Theory, based on decades of research and developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, Unyte’s Chief Scientific Advisor. The program involves 5 hours of listening, usually complete in 30 or 60 minute blocks per day. It can be completed at home via their app and your device or at our clinic with a therapist.

The SSP’s effectiveness has been proven in a wide range of studies, most notably in two clinical trials involving children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Trial participants demonstrated statistically significant improvements in:

  • Emotional control

  • Behavioral organization

  • Hearing sensitivity and listening


Integrated Listening System (iLs)

 iLs is a complementary approach to brain development. iLs trains the brain to process sensory, cognitive and emotional information more effectively. It begins with music and movement, and then gradually integrates language and cognitive processes. 

At BPTS, iLs is completed at home for a period of 4+ months. The system can be purchased or rented through iLs, and often serves as a powerful adjunct to other therapies.

At Bethlehem Pediatric Therapy services, we are trained in all The Listening Program and Therapeutic Listening, but have found iLs to be most beneficial for our clients. We continue to use components of the other programs in therapy. We particularly like Gear Shifters and quick Shifts from Therapeutic Listening which can impact modulation and attention immediately and which may be calming and organizing for many children.


Forbrain uses bone conduction headphones and a specially designed microphone to help improve auditory and language processing.
FORBRAIN® headphones leverage high frequency vibration to help the user create and process sound. The patented electronic dynamic filter blocks out environmental noise—isolating and amplifying the user’s voice, giving the nervous system a solid sensory workout. It also enhances long vowels and other sounds critical to the construction of language. The resulting sound is delivered through the bones and bone conduction, not the ears or air conduction, to the nervous system and brain.
These headphones can be purchased direction through the website at

Interactive Metronome
Interactive Metronome is a research based training program in which children listen to a sound via headphones and attempt to match the beat through movement, clapping, stepping, etc. It may involve visual feedback regarding performance, and background sounds. It addresses temporal processing, important for sleep, focusing attention, reading comprehension, memory, language processing and motor coordination.
This program may be used as part of weekly therapy session, may be done in the clinic intensively for 5-10 weeks, or may be purchased by families to complete at home with supervision by a certified therapist who develops and monitors the online program.

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