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Regarding Jaime Henry :  "My son has made so much progress it's amazing. She has given us tools that really help my son.we had no clue how to help our son but Jaime broke it down so we can help our son and it has made a huge difference." 3/15

Regarding Jen Doyle: Jen is invested in each child and seems to love and care about each individual.

Progress is important to them" 5/14

I absolutely loved working with Jen and cannot imagine where we would be without her knowledge and expertise. I believe my sons progress in multiple aspects of life are directly related to our time spent working with her. Her advice on school and home matters always proved invaluable and I will be forever grateful for all of her help

and encouragement.  4/14

Regarding Suzanne: the therapist continues education in the field to bring up to date tools to the sessions. Each therapist explained ideas/skills in a way anyone can understand. They work at a pace comfortable to the client, but challenge the client to be their best. Positive and encouraging! 5/14

Amazing! Such compassionate, professional therapists! They are a wonderful resource for all children! Karen and Jen have helped to guide us through this journey, supported us through challenges and have celebrated our son's successes! We love Bethlehem Pediatric Therapy!  H.I. 2014