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Pediatric Feeding Therapy


Pediatric feeding therapy helps children who are struggling to eat. Our feeding evaluations are multifaceted due to the often complex nature of feeding issues. We carefully evaluate a child’s oral motor mechanism, posture, respiratory system, sensory processing system, preferred/non preferred foods, drinking skills, interests, and intrinsic drive for eating. Our therapists take into consideration factors such as family routines, preferences, cultural values, feeding history, and medical concerns. Many times feeding therapy requires close collaboration, consultation, and/or referrals to appropriate medical specialists (e.g. GI, dietician, pediatrician) if weight gain or growth are areas of concern.


Our feeding therapists are here to support families with concerns regarding:


-Picky or problematic eating

-Breast or bottle feeding

-Choking or gagging on food

-Oral management of food or liquid

-Swallowing concerns

-Avoiding certain flavors and textures


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