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Forbrain modulates the voice to make it sound clearer and stimulates the brain, thus retraining your abilities. Using the device is easy and intuitive: simply wear the headphones, switch them on, and speak for a few minutes every day to boost your brain. You’ll soon grow your abilities in communication, concentration, and learning.


Important components of the system design:

High-sensitivity Microphone

You speak into the high-sensitivity microphone and it captures your voice’s sound waves, sending the information to the dynamic filter for processing.

Patented Dynamic Filter

To deliver your corrected voice, the patented filter continually amplifies high-frequency sounds and softens low frequencies while blocking environmental noise.

Bone Conduction Transducers

Sound is transmitted via the temporal bones. This bone conduction delivers auditory information to the brain 10x faster than air conduction (through the ear canals).

Forbrain can be used during therapy, and can also be used at home. Families can:

  • purchase the system directly from the company

  • purchase the system through our office at a discount

  • rent the system from us for the time needed

Your therapist will recommend activities at home to get the best results from this program

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