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"Bethlehem Pediatric Therapy Services has changed my son's life"

Our goal is to help improve children’s quality of life.  Families come to us because they are struggling, and our mission is to help determine the reasons behind the struggle and tailor a program to help improve the child and the family’s quality of life. We structure a therapeutic program to develop skills, but we understand that you and your family know your child best.  We provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to children 0-21 in their homes, at our clinic and in the community.  

Pediatric Occupational therapy helps children participate fully in the “occupations” of their life, including playing, feeding, bathing, dressing, drawing and writing.  

Pediatric Physical Therapists assess a child’s strength, range of motion and endurance and determine how physical factors are affecting the child’s performance in daily activities.

Behavioral and counseling services are in development. More information to come.

We are designing behavioral and counseling services for families consistent with our neurodiverse, strengths-based philosophy.

Speech Language Pathologists evaluate and treat delays in the areas of articulation and language.  They also assess and treat feeding concerns, social skills and AAC

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We provide virtual and in-person consultation for home programming including Sensory Programming, the Safe and Sound Protocol, Interactive Metronome and Integrated Listening Systems.

What our families say

Jen is invested in each child and seems to love and care about each individual.

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